Why you should buy and gift gold this Diwali

As the Diwali festival approaches, millions of people in India and around the world prepare to celebrate. The vibrant festival is noted for its god worship, traditional gifts, lighting, decorations, diyas, sweets, and so on. Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity, is associated with gold and is considered a vital aspect of Diwali by many.

Gold demand fluctuates throughout the year, but we frequently see a rise in demand for gold during Diwali, with buyers racing to buy smaller quantities of bars and coins that may be presented as gifts.

As the interest rates have been rising around the world, gold prices have corrected this year and these corrected levels are the best opportunity, one should benefit from, for long-term returns. Let’s discuss other reasons than prices, that one should look at to buy and gift gold this Diwali:

Sacred and Auspicious

Gold is regarded as sacred and purest in Hindu mythology. It possesses a high emotional quotient as well as a high perceived worth. It draws us closer together and strengthens interpersonal relationships. All of the Diwali tradition (lighting lamps, offering prayers, etc.) is done to welcome home everlasting wealth and good luck. As a result, the auspiciousness of the occasion makes now an excellent moment to invest in your most valuable possession, gold. Purchasing gold at Dhanteras and Diwali is seen to be akin to inviting Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, the gods of wealth and success, to one’s home.


Gold is the most affordable investment and gifting option nowadays. India’s No 1 Gold Platform, Augmont – Gold for All, has the world’s most affordable and smallest gold coin (0.05 gm) with its collection called Gold Atoms at unbelievable prices. These Gold atoms – bookmarks and keychains are engraved with Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi design in it. Moreover, 24K Gold can now also be bought in form of Digital Gold through Augmont platform with as low as Re 1.

Festive offers
During Diwali, there are many festive offers and discounts on making charge, that are given by jewellers. At Augmont, there is a festive offer of ‘Sone pe Chandi free’ where if someone purchases Digital gold from the Augmont platform, an equivalent amount of Digital Silver is credited to their account.

Exceptional returns

Gold is a valuable asset that has consistently increased in value, making it a safe and secure investment. From the standpoint of an investor, gold has shown to be one of the most highly rewarding investment types. Whether it is equities, real estate, mutual funds, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, or NPS, gold has offered unmatched returns. Gold has delivered more than 11% CAGR returns over the last 5, 10 and 20 years in India.

Great gifting option

Most rituals and traditions include the giving of gold in India. Apart from being a valuable source of income, it is also considered lucky. Gifting gold is considered the highest form of gifting in our country, emphasising an individual’s worth and the purity of intent. Other than gifting gold coins, bars and jewellery, Augmont Digital Gold is becoming very popular in this era of digitization, which gives ease of buying 24 K gold 24*7 online in the comfort of your home.


Gold is incredibly liquid and portable as a security or asset. It may be turned to cash at any moment, anywhere in the world, and is considered a helpful friend. Even the Digital Gold can be redeemed for cash or physical gold coin or jewellery anytime 24*7 on the Augmont platform in any denomination required.

Buyback Guarantee
Whether the 24k gold is bought in physical form or digital form, there is always a buyback guarantee by the seller. One gets all the worth of money back if he/she sells it anywhere in any part of the world.

Portfolio diversifier

Due to its low correlation with other asset classes, gold is a key diversifier in a portfolio and is viewed as a safe-haven asset in times of global risk-off mood. It is seen as a safe-haven for wealth and a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation. Gold investments should make for at least 10% to 15% of a person’s net investment portfolio.

(The author, Dr. Renisha Chainani, is Head of research at Augmont Gold)

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